Hostesses (on Trailways trips) were very friendly, competent and helpful. Also very knowledgeable and enjoyable trip. (about Chicago Flower and Garden Show) Unsigned

Ludalle Meyer

Great show — good company (about trip to Fireside Theater) Ludalle Meyer

Ed Wooten

Everything according to plan — that is always good! (about trip to Pella) Ed Wooten

Pat Marble

Because of Plus 60 I am involved in several of the many opportunities membership offers. Plus 60 is a positive social and educational experience in my life. Pat Marble

Pat Stoltz

What I love about Plus 60 is that something is always happening! Trips, learning events and local culture and activities for the body and mind! It’s all there to choose from! Pat Stoltz

Nancy Rudnick

Plus 60 provides the opportunity to meet new people and form long lasting friendships. Through the organization you can learn new things by attending educational seminars. Nancy Rudnick