The Plus 60 Board of Directors strongly believes in the motto, “Providing an active lifestyle for seniors 55 and over.” We appreciate your feedback on our events and we look forward to meeting each member of the Plus 60 Club!

2018 Plus 60 Board of Directors

Left to Right: Sherry Roberts, Sandi Frericks, Teresa Garrison, Kim Nelson, Dave Fuller, Sharon Brooks, Susie Stark, Angela Dearking, Pat Marble, Nancy Rudnick (Not pictured: Dave Geller and Jolane Otto)

Meet Our Board of Directors Members


Sherry Roberts - Walcott, IA
Responsible for: Website, General Questions, Communications.


Pat Marble - Rock Island, IL
Responsible for: Annual Picnic.


Sharon Brooks - Bettendorf, IA
Responsible for: Ballgames.


Jolane Otto - Bettendorf, IA


Kim Nelson - Davenport, IA
Responsible for: Publicity, Silver Bell, Twilight.

Teresa Garrison - LeClaire, IA
Responsible for: Arts

Nancy Rudnick - Davenport, IA
Responsible for: Community Outreach

David Fuller - Davenport, IA
Responsible for: Playcrafters.

David Geller - Moline, IL
Responsible for: Golf, Outings.

If no email provided, please use:


Pat Marble - Rock Island, IL

Angela Dearking - Bettendorf, IA

Susie Stark - Blue Grass, IA


Dick Stoltz - Andalusia, IL

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Susie Stark, Plus 60 Board Member

Retired school Math teacher: 10 years at JB Young Junior High, 23 years at West High School, 12 years at Rocky High School ( including 2 years at BH College)

I am a person who likes to stay involved in events that are fun and help others. I always thought Plus 60 is a good organization and would like to get more of the members involved in different activities that they would like to see implemented in the Quad Cities.

While at West High School, besides teaching, I was in charge of Student Senate for 10 years. During that time, I did many different events to raise money for local charities: held variety shows, trivia tournaments, euchre tournaments, fun nights where we invited all the feeder elementary school, car washes, and many more. Each month I would have the students prepare food for the local homeless shelter. The biggest fundraiser I did was the Student Hunger Drive. I tried to get the entire student body involved in the events we did to raise money to buy food for the food pantry or to go door to door collecting food for the hunger drive. It was an awesome sight to see so many students involved. The last year I did Student Senate we had enough food collected to fill 7 semi loads!! West alone raised over 310,000 pounds of food to be delivered to the Food Bank.

While teaching I also got involved with several non-profit organizations. CASI, Battered Shelter for Woman, to name a few. I am still involved with a group called “The Hearts of the Quad-Cities”, which is a group of women that make the centerpieces for the non-profit fundraisers in the Quad Cities. I put together baskets for Silent Auctions for events like, CASI-Holiday Hat Bash, Make A Wish Foundation, Blue Grass Fireman’s Ball, Bettendorf Rotary, etc.

I am married to Russ, a retired project manager electrician from DECCO. In Denver lives my son, Nathan and his wife, Wendy. Grandchildren, Addie-9 and Tiernan-7. In Davenport lives my son, Zachary and his wife, Callie. Grandchild, Vaughn-5 months.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve on the Board of Plus 60.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Teresa Garrison, Plus 60 Board Member

Recently retired from the position of Director of Operations at the Center for Active Seniors, Teresa brings years of experience in budgeting, event planning, fundraising, working with volunteers and area Senior organizatiions.

Teresa started volunteering in the 90’s and has enloyed contributing to the Student Hunger Drive Luncheon, pounding nails and delivering meals to Habitat Builds, helping with the clean up in Cedar Rapids, organizing and overseeing the bakery in CASI’s Family Festival, collecting donations for CASI’s Hat Bash and helping with Hearts of the Quad Cities to assemble centerpieces for non-profit fundraising events. She is currently working on a fundraising event for Rock Island Atheltic Department.

A lifelong resident of the Quad Cities, Teresa currently makes her home in LeClaire with her husband, Jay. Children: Carrie and Jason Olmstead, Cedar Rapids, Karen Sutter Cedar Rapids and Scott and Ally MacLean, Broomfield Colorado. A grandmother of 3 active grandsons, Chance, Jackson and Owen.

Teresa’s goal is to be active both physically and mentally through volunteering my time to help improve others lives.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Angela Dearking, Plus 60 Board Member

Career: After years of experience in manufacturing, marketing, advertising, sales, event planning and fund raising, Angela was most recently employed as a Relationship Manager for United Way of the Quad Cities Area. Prior to United Way, Angela owned her own fitness studio in Bettendorf.

Previous volunteer activities include Festival of Trees, Friends of the Davenport Museum of Art (now the Figge), and the Women’s Connection. Currently, Angela serves on the Board of the Miss Iowa Scholarship Program as Secretary and Judges’ chair, is a member of Quad City Business, Referral, Alliance, Handel Oratorio Society of Augustana, St. John Vianney Church choir and cantor, and is an active member of Scott County Family Y. For relaxation, she practices yoga, is an avid mystery novel reader, bicycles, (completing two RAGBRAIs and two TOMRVs), downhill skis, camps and canoes. She is a former Peace Corps volunteer to India.

Family: A resident of the Quad Cities since 1989, Angela resides in Bettendorf with her husband, Dean. She has two children, Christine Chartier Vermes of Oakland, California and Robert Chartier of Chicago, and grandmother to Alec and Corrinne Chartier.

Goal: Angela joined the Plus 60 Board to continue to be active, meet likewise people and promote the active senior Quad Cities community.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Dave Fuller, Plus 60 Board Member

Career: Retired from John Deere after 31 years, 11 years at John Deere Harvester and 20 years at the Parts Distribution Center. Worked 7 years at the John Deere Pavilion as a tour guide. Volunteers at McKinley School for the past 17 years.

About: I joined the Plus 60 Board one year ago for several reasons.

First, it was the chance to meet new people; everyone has different backgrounds, stories, and knowledge that they like to share with others. I enjoy learning new things every day from listening to other people.

Second, the wide array of events that Plus 60 offers was my chance to try new things. have some new ideas myself that I hope will come to fruition. We need to challenge ourselves to try new things, and discover new places. I love to travel also.

Last, in our lives we go through three stages: we learn, we earn, & we return. I am now in the return stage of life, where I want to share my time and make things better for the next generation and enjoy working with people who are not afraid to try new things and help improve our Quad City community.

Family: Wife, Pam, health data analyst at UnityPoint – Trinity.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Nancy Rudnick, Plus 60 Board Member

This is my 5th year on the board of Plus 60. I joined because I believe in community service and the type of projects that they have.

Before that I volunteered at Eisenhower School, helping in 1st and 3rd grades. I love working with children. I was so inspired by the teachers with whom I worked that I went back to college and finished my degree at age 74. I encourage others to do the same.

Before joining Plus 60 board I was involved with a service club having served as President four times, district governor and international chaplain.

I am a member of the Quad City Quilters Guild and enjoy going to their meetings and working on the quilt show which is held every two years and will be coming up this September. I helped out in Second Hand Treasures, which was so much fun.

I enjoy knitting and one of my favorite projects is making baby blankets for charities. In the past I have made many for Edgerton Health Center and recently donated nine blankets to Project Linus in Milwaukee.

I encourage everyone who is age 55 to join us. Our goal is to keep seniors engaged in life-long activities such as seminars with Scott Community College and Genesis. We are involved in activities with the Putnam and Figge. Plus one of my favorite activities is working with Silver Bell Social in connection with Festival of Trees.

So many choices. Join us. Find out how much fun Plus 60 is. In fact we even have a director of fun on our board.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Pat Marble, Plus 60 Board Member

As a member of the Plus 60 Club Board of Directors, I am privileged to have many opportunities to serve the age group we represent, 55 years of age and up.

Before I became a member, I held many jobs; one of my favorites was being a Registration Representative at the three local Illinois hospitals, before they became two. The distance we had to cover, walking, in those days, was blocks long, all part of the job. I feel the experiences in that job have helped me remain active with committees and events available in Plus 60. There’s always a time when activities offer a possibility for participation, and I am pleased to be part of them.

As I look back at my life before Plus 60, I am thinking of my two daughters, my four grandchildren and their spouses, and my two great grandsons, I am filled with memories of jobs I had, managing the first Waldenbooks in NorthPark, Circulation Supervisor at the Learning Resource Center, St. Ambrose College, Manager of Robert’s River Rides in Bettendorf, being the first President of the Quad Cities Visitors Convention Bureau and Registration Secretary at Trinity Hospitals in Illinois. I was also a contestant on the TV show, Jeopardy. Those memories sound like enough to put me in a rocking chair, but instead they made my activity level so broad that I am proud to be able to make a difference with my Plus 60 participation. No rocking chair for me!

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Dave Geller, Plus 60 Board Member

Dave Geller has been involved with electrical and electronic engineering projects since the early 1970’s. His major accomplishments have been in automation engineering for several large manufacturing companies as well as receiving four patents while he worked at Wico Corp. in the consumer game business. He also authored a textbook published by Prentice Hall on programmable controllers used in automation systems. He has taught PLC automation control, motion control, and robotic programming classes at Oakton Community college for more than 30 years. He currently is a member of the “Friends of Riverside Garden” in Moline, as well as a board member of the Plus 60 Friendship Club.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Sharon Brooks, Plus 60 Board Member

This is Sharon’s fourth year of fun with the Plus 60 Friendship Club. Since retiring from school nursing, Sharon has enjoyed volunteering in various roles, often in the health field.. Sharon is presently a volunteer parish nurse. She is also a yoga advocate, so don’t ask unless you are ready to hear the mental and physical benefits of yoga.

Sharon and her husband of over a half century have been blessed with five lovely children and nine outstanding, brilliant (no bias here) grandchildren who also offer fun-filled opportunities. Sharon enjoys taking each of the grandchildren hiking in the Grand Canyon when they turn ten years old..

Sharon believes that we humans are inherently social creatures, so it’s no surprise that social activity helps keep us physically and mentally healthy as we age. Plus 60 Friendship Club offers many opportunities for this as well as opportunities to contribute to our community.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Jolane Otto, Plus 60 Board Member

Mother, teacher,Junior Achievement consultant, Pickleball player, Plus 60 board member are all words that define me. I taught in the Central Community School District for twenty years. Then I retired and became a consultant for Junior Achievement. I continue to work in that capacity. I am a substitute teacher as well. I lo-o-ove to play Pickleball and do so at every opportunity. And lastly I AM a board member of Plus 60. Another job(even though it’s volunteer) that I love.

I have four grown children, 10 grandchildren, and 10 great-grandchildren. My husband, Bob, is deceased and I live with Horton, my wirehaired terrier. I joined Plus 60 at the behest of my good friend, Kathy Michel, and have NEVER regretted that decision. I find Plus 60 to be invigorating, stimulating and it provides me with a darn good time. I have met and cherish many of the people who have come into my life through Plus 60. I encourage you to give us a try. I bet you’ll like it.

QCT Board Bio

Profile of Kim Nelson, Plus 60 Board Member

I’d heard about the QCT Plus 60 Club for years, and once I became “eligible” to join, I was happy to do so! I admit I waited until I was 60, only finding out later I could have joined at age 55. However, all was not lost as I have had such a great time since becoming a member! I applied and was accepted as a board member almost 4 years ago, and since then I have learned so many new things about this area and our community. It is exciting to see all the new events, programs, and activities that are becoming available, and are geared towards seniors. Our population is forever expanding, and we need stuff to do as we get older. What I like most about this Friendship Club is the ongoing opportunities to meet new people, and experience new things! I admit to not having played Pickleball, or going to many plays or ballgames, but as I’ve gotten older, I have found there is a lot of fun and value in all these different activities.

About me: I was a Navy wife for a number of years and had an opportunity to live in many places, both in and out of this country. I started working for the government, and finally retired after 37 years with the Social Security Administration. This was a job I truly enjoyed as I got to meet many people from all walks of life – everyone had a story, and all were different. For fun I ride vehicles with two wheels (with an engine), four wheels (with really big engines), and even vehicles that have up to 16 wheels (motor coaches). I like to travel and also like writing the travel articles in Sunday’s paper, which I hope you read. I like to quilt, like to read, and am active in two other community based organizations I am a proud mother of two children, and five active grandchildren. It’s a good life.

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