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Ford Model T Brass Era Open House

September 10

Back in the days of prohibition, “Brass” was a term used by the coffee klatch crowd whenever a lady of some repute went waltzing by the barbershop. They were the “Flappers” and the Floozies” who dared to be seen in snug dresses doing the “Charleston.” Well, we found a really old, but new kind of Brass that you will want to explore.
That car fellow, Henry Ford, built a bunch of horseless carriages in the early 20th century. They ran on gasoline and came in one color but lots of body styles and lots of uses. The radiators, the horns that honked with a scrunch of a rubber bulb and the headlights were shiny brass. These cars became scarce as they were replaced with more powerful engines and tops that actually kept the riders dry. The brass was replaced with nickel and chrome while the seats became comfier. You were born when cars actually started with a push of a pedal on the floorboard. Now you have a chance to relive those days of your grandparents when Brass-era Ford Model T vehicles were the talk of the neighborhood.
Another fellow, Craig Beek, who was a law enforcement guy for the Iowa Bureau of Investigation chasing rum runners, decided to collect and restore a few of the rarer Brass cars. Craig has a workshop over in Moline that is a museum-like few others in our republic. It displays over twenty special carriages built by Mr. Ford and his folks from 1900 to about 1912. Your Plus 60 Club has arranged for you to meet with Craig on Friday, September 10th at his immaculate shop. He will tell you all about the conveyances that were Brass era and the time they were used. His shop will be open from 3 PM to 6 PM for you to stop by and spend as much time as you need to see and learn about the cars of your forbears.
Gals, this event is not just for motorheads. These are classy and unique relics restored to the grandeur that marked the turn-of-the-century. Your tour will evoke memories of the days when ladies waited for the guys to open doors and take their hands. Craig is full of information and stories of those days and the days of prohibition. Wear a bonnet and carry a parasol. Bring your Kodak.
Drive over to 4510 7th Street, Moline, Illinois, which can be reached by traveling on John Deere Road and turning south onto 7th Street at that stoplight intersection. Proceed south 0.3 miles, and you will see Craig’s red brick building on your left with two antique TEXACO red gas pumps underneath the shade tree in the front yard before reaching the property’s driveway, where you can turn in and subsequently park in the meadow on your right (south of the brick building). If you miss the driveway and reach the 4-way Stop sign intersection of 7th Street and 52nd Avenue, you will know you drove too far south! There will be light refreshments provided by the Quad-City Plus 60 Club and places to rest with plenty of photo ops.
If you plan to attend this special Brass Open House, please either text your name and the number of persons (including yourself) attending “Brass” to Jane at 563-940-2008 or alternatively provide the same information in an email sent to Jane at artmanandrewsj@gmail.com by Tuesday, September 7 to assist us in preparing for your visit. During the Open House you will be able to check out the Brass era details on this 1909 Ford Model T.

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September 10


Ford The Universal Car Dealer
4510 7th Street
Moline, IL United States
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